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the mission

man enough is reframing masculinity,

building a movement around healthy manhood and greater equity for all

Man Enough is a movement founded on the belief that by undefining traditional roles and traits of masculinity, men will be able to realize their potential as humans and their capacity for connection.

We meet men where they are and invite them to embrace their full humanity. 

We create and elevate stories rooted in empathy, compassion and accountability.

We avoid language that polarizes and demonizes men and masculinity.

We are a content studio and community for thought leaders, change-makers, men, and people of all identities to co-create, discuss and embark on a journey of growth together. 

What does it mean to be a man, and a human, in the world today?

The Man Enough Podcast explores what it means to be a man today and how rigid gender roles have affected all people. This Webby-nominated audio & video podcast creates a safe environment for a range of perspectives to meet and stay at the table, exploring how the messages of masculinity show up in relationships, body image, privilege, fatherhood, sex, success, mental health and so much more.

Instead of polarizing and demonizing men and masculinity, it invites all humans to participate and thrive in the world. The weekly series is hosted by filmmaker, actor & author Justin Baldoni, author & journalist Liz Plank, and President of Wayfarer Studios & award winning music producer Jamey Heath. It’s currently in Season 2 and is in the top 1% of most followed and shared podcasts on Spotify, beloved by men, women and people of all genders. 

If you’re interested in deepening your connection with yourself and others, evolving your understanding of the impacts of traditional masculinity on all people, and being reminded that you are enough, this is the podcast for you. 

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New episodes released every Monday on all podcast networks and on the WeAreManEnough YouTube, or right here on our Podcast page