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The Road to Man Enough: A Movement to Undefine Masculinity

Every road has its potholes, its twists and turns, and every journey has its feelings of elation and its moments of hopelessness. The road to building Man Enough has been this type of dynamic journey, a movement founded on the belief that by undefining traditional roles and traits of masculinity, men will be able to realize their potential as humans and their capacity for connection.

The Man Enough journey has only just begun. There’s so much work to do on masculinity that it seems as if we’re far from an end, and that’s ok. The process of doing the work, learning and building our community is the purpose of doing this at all. As a movement, we’ve had accidents along the way, speed bumps that make you feel as though we’re going to bottom out, but there have also moments where the wind is at our back, our foot is pressed firmly on the gas and we feel like our compass is pointed in the right direction. No journey is perfect; it’s all a balance of success and lessons learned.

This is the story of Man Enough up until now, an easy way to get up to speed on some of the content and conversations that we have created to date. You’ll learn how this long-overdue unpacking of masculinity began with our leader – actor, filmmaker and entrepreneur Justin Baldoni. You’ll see how we’ve grown as a family with a common goal and get a glimpse into where we plan to go in the near future. Man Enough combines the personal stories and collective experiences of men from many backgrounds as we aim to build bridges from our heads to our hearts, and between one another. There have been countless lessons learned already, many more to come and a resilient unwillingness to concede to the fight for better masculinity for the sake of our potential as humanity. It begins here and we want you along for the ride.

This is the road to Man Enough.


The TEDTalk that sparked a movement, which has been viewed by over 80 million people and used in curriculums around the world. 


Hosted by Justin Baldoni, Man Enough was a timely, candid dinner conversation series where a diverse group of men open up and reveal how they are affected by societal expectations of what it is to be a man in America. See the whole series at

MAN ENOUGH to care

Former NFL star Devon Still, actor Nathan Kress, writer & comedian Zach Anner, Justin Baldoni and long-term care expert Robert Espinoza talk about the importance and impact of caregiving, while sharing their personal experiences giving and receiving care. The Man Enough to Care series was presented in partnership with Caring Across Generations. See the full February 2021 campaign and series at


Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity, Justin Baldoni’s debut book, is both a personal investigation into the current state of masculinity and a meditation on how to be human in the 21st century. Fearlessly personal, conversational, and candid, Justin explores and uncovers the unwritten rules and messages of masculinity, while inviting the reader into his heart as he wrestles with these complex topics in real time. Learn more and buy the book at

The Man Enough Media Blitz

One of Justin’s first stops on his virtual book tour for Man Enough: Undefining My Masculinity was Good Morning America. From redefining to undefining, Justin talks about what led him to writing his book and to doing the hard work of heart work.


President Obama answers Justin’s question and shares what it means to him to be ‘man enough.’


A candid conversation with Maria Shriver about masculinity, vulnerability, and how women can support men on the journey (it might not be what you think).


For the MAKERS Conference 2021, Second Gentleman Mr. Doug Emhoff talks with Justin Baldoni about what it means to be a strong, confident, supportive and authentic man.


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