Barack Obama Shares Powerful Message on What ‘Man Enough’ Means to Him

One half of the Renegades: Born in the USA podcast, President Barack Obama has joined the Man Enough movement to discuss what it means to him to be “man enough!”And while not all of us may love the Obama years in the past, most of us can agree on his response about what it means to be a man and a father today.

His “Renegades” podcast with rock ‘n roll legend, Bruce Springsteen, tackles many of the issues related to masculinity and fatherhood in our culture, which is why it felt fitting to ask the former President for a message on being a man and a father today. He even positioned a pint of beer in the video to make it extra relatable!

As men who have experienced troubled or nonexistent relationships with their fathers, the topic of masculinity and the “trick bag” of modern manhood is inevitably at the forefront of their podcast conversations. Naturally, the President had keen thoughts on the journey, responsibility and sacrifices of being a good man and a good father amidst all the stereotypes that come with being a “real man.”

Watch President Obama’s response to Justin Baldoni’s question on what being “man enough” means to him below, then share with us what it means to you on our social!


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Cover image: The Washington Post (Getty Images)