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Caring Across Generations


Man Enough to Care, a Wayfarer Studios production, is both a celebration of the love and care and a recognition of the time, energy and personal sacrifice that comes with taking care of someone you love. This timely and vital roundtable discussion breaks down various challenges in the often invisible and undervalued role of caregiver, led by actor/director Justin Baldoni (Jane the Virgin, Clouds, Five Feet Apart) and featuring former NFL star Devon Still, actor Nathan Kress (iCarly, Star Wars Rebels) and author & comedian Zach Anner (If At Birth You Don’t Succeed, Rollin’ With Zach) and long-term care expert Robert Espinoza.

We aim to fundamentally transform how we value care in our culture for the truly essential work that it is, partnering with the leading nonprofit organization in this space, Caring Across Generations, to create this uniquely vulnerable, empathic and uplifting exploration of what it means to care for and be cared for as a man in modern society.

By publicly sharing these videos and your caregiving experiences, we are asking people to join the movement to build a culture of care: where caring is considered a strength and part of a newly-expanded notion of masculinity, and the work of care is valued, compensated, and supported.

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Since 2011, Caring Across Generations has been building a movement of all ages and backgrounds to transform the way we care. As the leading intersectional nonprofit and campaign in the space, Caring Across Generations works to transform our culture of care by getting people to recognize and value care — and the emotional, financial and personal sacrifices that come with it — as a collective responsibility. Caring Across Generations develops innovative policies starting at the state level to make quality care more accessible and these policies then fuel campaigns where field partners educate communities, organize activists and pressure elected officials. We elevate stories of caregivers and we shift culture to value care and embrace aging so the policies we fight for can take root and we reach our ultimate goal: a world where everyone can age with dignity, and caregivers are respected and supported.

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Being a caregiver is a special role, full of joy and challenges, vulnerability and strength. The 21 million male caregivers in this country know this, as they provide compassionate love, care, and support every day. But because traditional masculinity doesn’t always value vulnerability and care, men who are caregiving can feel more isolated and less supported than other caregivers. Caring for those we love is one of the things that makes us human, and many of us will be caregivers at some point in our lives. 


Do you have a caregiving story you want to share? When you share your story and experience as a caregiver, you are illustrating the strength that it takes to care for someone, and normalizing caregiving as a man. Your story will show other caregivers that they are valued and not alone.

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A Love That Comes Full Circle

In the premiere episode of Man Enough To Care, actor/director Justin Baldoni, former NFL star Devon Still, actor Nathan Kress, author & comedian Zach Anner and long-term care expert Robert Espinoza open up about their experiences giving and receiving care and discuss the importance of caregiving. Nathan shares about caring for his wife throughout her journey with endometriosis and his fear of potentially acting as a caregiver for his daughter as well due to the same illness. 


You Are Not Alone

Former NFL star Devon Still shares his impactful experience as a caregiver for his four-year-old daughter with cancer, how caring for her altered his personal and professional life forever, and how being vulnerable in front of his daughter, his family, and his peers took a lot of strength.


The Cost of Caring

The group discusses the challenges in the current healthcare system that often create massive financial burdens for those needing care. Then, actor Justin Baldoni and Caring Across Generations director Ai-jen Poo discuss the financial impact of caregiving on families and envision a path forward through culture change, collective action, and policy solutions. These changes would lead us to a potential future where caregiving is a valued role in our culture, and everyone has the support they need to access and afford care for themselves and their loved ones.


Embracing Vulnerability

Author & comedian Zach Anner opens up about his experience as someone who has received care for cerebral palsy at various points in his life, providing candid, insightful and often humorous insights into releasing the feelings of guilt and insecurity associated with being cared for. Actor Justin Baldoni and Caring Across Generations director Ai-jen Poo remind us that caregiving is an intimate act of love that brings joy and strengthens relationships.


Building a Community For Caring

In the final episode of Man Enough to Care (presented in partnership with Caring Across Generations), aong-term care expert Robert Espinoza shares his experience being a long-distance caregiver for his mother and the shock that came with his realization there is no system in place to support people who want to receive care at home. Caring Across Generations director Ai-jen Poo lays out the steps it will take for us to achieve sustainable, Universal Family Care for all, which begins with having these conversations with our families, friends, and communities.