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You Decide: Is This Your Turning Point or Your Breaking Point?

The coming months will shape the coming years, and, for many, this will be their turning point or their breaking point.

So which is it for you?

Now that we’re into October, it’s safe to say this month, along with the following two, will force people to make decisions about the direction in which they want their lives to go. A moment of truth. Will your life be a continuation of the relentless struggle we’ve been through over the last seven months, or will we change course towards something hopeful and hopefully better? Will we lean towards that truth or not?

A lot of it has to do with perspective but never before has the good of man been so at stake and so necessary. As we’ve said in regards to the importance of voting, we’re not telling you who to vote for. Rather, we’re giving you the facts so you can make informed decisions for yourself.

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What kind of world do you want to live in?

Think about the quality of life you have right now. Is it better than a year ago? How about four years or ten? Studies show American anxiety has never been higher, suicide is on the rise, people claim poorer sleep quality and even dentists claim they’re fixing five, sometimes ten, times the number of cracked teeth from people stress-grinding at night.

Many people are out of work (and thus, health insurance) while others are forced to work double as homeschooling teachers to keep their kids from falling behind. Many folks are removed from their home because of wildfires while others haven’t left in more than half a year because of a pandemic. So many are peacefully protesting while others incite violence and hatred, trying to keep people from standing up for what they know is wrong and continually plaguing our society.

It just doesn’t feel like we’re moving in the right direction.

Have you ever run your hand down a wood table against the grain and come up with a handful of splinters? That’s a lot like life these days. When we go in a direction we know we shouldn’t be heading, one in which inequality, bigotry and violence are not only condoned but encouraged, we end up in agony.

Rather, it’s time we sanded that sucker down, move with the grain and smooth out some of our rough edges. Between the culmination of events and connecting strictly via social media, our edges have become very hard and rigid. We need to start making decisions that get us back to that softer side of living, the kind of days when we can breathe calmly, sleep easily and simply enjoy life. Not this constant state of suffering and paranoia that makes us think we’re going a little crazy.

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This month is an excellent moment for us to not only enjoy the changing seasons but for us to sit in nature with ourselves and our loved ones and make decisions about what we want for our future and our future generations.

Some may see November 3 as a D-Day of sorts in which doom will strike us all if we don’t respond accordingly. In a lot of ways, that’s true. But in another sense, we have to remember to keep a positive perspective. This doesn’t have to be the breaking point for our environment, our health and safety, our children and our Black community. With the right attitude, this can be a turning point, a moment in which we turn it all around.

We can bend things, but it doesn’t mean they have to break. We tried something new that many thought might work, but clearly the longer we continue down this path in which we allow our forests to burn, our Black communities to be abused and our elders to be endangered, the worse and worse we feel.

It’s easy to be cynical with what we see on the news, and without our friends and family around to bring us back to center, the easier it becomes for our cynicism to become our norm. Negativity rewires our brain for the worse, but positive thinking and gratitude can help us turn it back towards the light.

There is nobody who isn’t hurting right now, and we honestly can’t think of another time that’s been true. That alone should be a sign we’re going the wrong way.

Collectively, we are responsible for what happens next. Are we going to keep bending this thing until it does break? What then? Or are we going to make this moment count, marking a turning point where we find our way back to peace?

We’ll make it simple: More of this unending nightmare of misery? Or back on the road of happiness, only stronger and with everyone who wants to join onboard?

We don’t know about you, but we choose the turning point. A lonely winter with no Christmas just sounds pretty bleak.

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